Restoration of fire-damaged areas is looking good!

We cleared and seeded eight large fire-damaged areas and a number of smaller fire sites in the early spring. For this we used a moorland seed mix provided by the Dartmoor National Park Authority. We roped them off to stop people walking on the germinating and young grass. In several cases, the rocks were used to rebuild the walls from which they had been looted over the years.

Here’s a picture of one site in February 2020.

It was then dry for the best part of several months, Although the grass mostly germinated, it did not grow particularly well in most of the sites. However, being mostly shaded, the site pictured above did quite well. Here’s a picture of it after three months, in May 2020.

Summer was quite wet, so we reseeded areas that were still bare and continued protecting all of the sites. Here it is in June.

It’s now looking better again, but we don’t seem to have a recent picture.

We are planning to remove the posts and ropes from most of the restored areas, in the hope that they will continue to thrive over the next few years, and with the consideration that the roping is unsightly. However, the most damaged areas remain still quite worn, so we will need to continue the protection there.

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