Visiting Piles

Piles Copse lies above the River Erme in Dartmoor National Park, between Stalldown Barrow and Sharp Tor. It’s about 3km to walk here from the moor gate at Harford.
There’s no footpath or signs to help you get there, so make sure you have an Ordnance Survey map and a compass with you in case the mist comes down, and make sure you’ve got the right footwear for tramping over rough, rocky and often boggy ground.
The routes towards and inside Piles are starting to erode through over-use.  DO NOT CONTRIBUTE TO EROSION!  Please walk on firm sward areas, not on muddy bits of tracks.  Spread out and use a wider swathe of ground. 
There are no resources to manage erosion on most of Dartmoor.  As the peaty soils contain a high proportion of carbon, exposing the soil to being washed out by rain contributes directly to the removal of Dartmoor’s carbon store and the worsening of climate change.
Please help us look after Piles Copse by making sure your visit doesn’t harm the woodland. Take all your litter away with you, and please don’t damage the trees or light fires.
Please also be considerate of other people, many of whom come to Piles Copse to enjoy its peace and tranquillity.
We hope you have a lovely visit to Piles Copse.
Camping is currently not allowed at Piles Copse – see our page on camping.