More progress and less blog posts

We’ve continued to be busy at Piles and several months have passed since we found a moment to write a blog post.

So here’s the bit of wall repaired in July. The grass has now grown along the top, but for some reason walkers are using it as a path, so we’ll need to put something there to stop that happening. It hasn’t been damaged yet, but it will be eventually if people keep using it.

We’ve also repaired another sizeable section of wall, plus some smaller collapses, near the downstream end of the copse. This is near the ford that is sometimes used for watering by cattle on Stall Moor, which them come across the river and into the copse. This work makes the copse cattle-proof from the west. That said, there haven’t been cattle on the adjacent part of Stall Moor for some years, but that could change any time.

Here are before, during and after pictures of this section. We seeded grass on the backfill and on the disturbed ground in front, and that has germinated and is now growing.

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