Spring at Piles Copse

The winter has flown by and spring is with us again. What have we been doing at Piles?

Our main activity has been to alter the fencing of two of the large oak regeneration exclosures at the southern edge of the copse. These were created in 2006, and now show good regeneration. One incorporated the original 1970s exclosure. By joining the plots together, we have created a much larger contiguous unit, while reducing the overall fencing.

In doing this, we also found that some of the 2006 fencing posts had rotted and needed to be replaced. This we did by re-using the sound stakes from the now redundant 1970s fence, and we have completely removed the 1970s fences.

We have also done repairs to the boundary wall, and have put more wiring in to exclude sheep during the winter. This was too late for this year, but we will continue improving the boundary through the year, so that we can completely exclude stock during the 2021-22 winter.

The other activity has been to put in erosion controls along popular routes, but that’s another blog post.

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