Planning for 2018

A few days after Christmas, we went up to Piles to blow away the cobwebs and start looking at what we’re going to work on in 2018. Now that the boundary wall has been made complete again, meaning that we can control when Higher Piles is grazed, we’re also thinking about which areas of Higher Piles need to be protected completely from grazing. We walked up and down the southern end of Higher Piles looking for sphagnum moss. Sphagnum mosses are found in wet flushes (spring lines) in parts of the moor, with their own high botanic interest.  Cattle and sheep crowd round them in dry weather, so the mosses get badly damaged and rushes come in instead.  To stop this happening, we are thinking of fencing around some of the flushes in the southern part of Higher Piles.  So we did some marking and measuring to see how much fencing would be needed to do something worthwhile.  There was a lot more than we thought, though the sphagnum is dominated by grasses in many places.  There used to be huge amounts of sphagnum at Piles. The family used to collect it during the second world war for use in dressings.

As you can see, it was quite a blustery day…

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